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Your SaaS in Asia Pacific

Expanding internationally is a big deal. Using the ExpansionMapper framework, we help SaaS companies select the right expansion markets and form a go-to-market strategy unique to your product, resources, and goals.

ExpansionMapper is designed to help companies expand in a way that produces quick results with minimal risk and operational overhead. We will perform an in-depth analysis of your company and your product. We will couple this with our knowledge of the dyanmic Asia Pacific markets to help you select the right markets and form an expasion strategy for you.

Here are some of the areas we will carefully analyse in the ExpansionMapper framework.

1. Current International Structures

We examine your HQ market and any operations outside of it.

2. Customers and Demand

We look into any potential existing and historical demand for your product in international markets.

3. Product

Detailed analysis of your product and its localisation aspects to understand its fit with potential markets.

4. Software Implementation

We analyse how your software would potentially be implemented in new markets.

5. Resources and Logistics

We look at resources available for your potential expansion as well as several logistical issues important to initial expansion and continued growth internationally.

6. Competition

An examination of any international presence of your current core competitors as well as potential competitors in target expansion markets.

7. Customer Acquistion and Partnerships

We analyse your direct sales, your partnership models and ecosystems, and any other way in which your company acquires customers and creates revenue.

8. Your Vision

We discuss any vision you might already have about your expansion into Asia Pacific.