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What drives us?

APAC Virtual Selling helps SaaS companies grow their business in the Asia Pacific. We work alongside SaaS businesses of different products and sizes to formulate a sales strategy that will result in them successfully entering the Asia Pacific market. APAC Virtual Selling’s pragmatic approach heavily utilises technology and focuses on the science of selling.

Meet the Founder

With over 10 years of SaaS sales experience across North America, Europe, and in particular, Asia Pacific, Filip Lempa has helped SaaS businesses of all sizes achieve their goals. Based out of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Australia, it has put him in the heart of the Asia Pacific to best understand the market and what it takes to thrive and stay ahead of competitors. Throughout his professional career, he has also done business extensively in Singapore, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries. He has a a rich track record in the SaaS industry with one of his many achievements to date being part of the selected few sales professionals who piloted an innovative modern virtual selling business unit at Oracle which was fully adopted by Oracle globally.

Since 2015, Filip has been pioneering virtual engagement in sales. Over the last few years, he has been focused on using modern international sales strategies to help grow revenue in APAC for SaaS companies with limited resources in Asia Pacific. In his own personal experience, he has worked with both large SaaS companies as well as smaller SaaS players and startups across different functional types of SaaS software. In addition to his vast experience, he has a continuously growing global network of SaaS selling experts that can be engaged with to lead SaaS businesses to success.

Our Mission: To bring the best SaaS technologies into Asia Pacific in the most beneficial way for these organisations.